Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doing work on the ol'game room

Tore/ Ripped down the game room wall, and moved it to block the garage door last week. Now i am taking down the old celling for use as walls where there was no covering. Going to ad a celling fan , re-wire the lights add a couple electric outlets and fill in any holes where winter will seap in. And install one Door, becouse when i was removing the old door it broke apart when taking the spike nails out.....
Here is a few pictures.


  1. Dont go over 6 outlets and 4 lights for the circuit breaker. So place those outlets and lights stratecically within the room. Otherwise you risk a fire from an overloaded system.


  2. Hard core! Our garage might as well be part of the living room, we had to move most of our books into the garage about a month ago. I still manage to find the books I'm trying to locate without much dificulty.

  3. Nice! This can become quite a cozy retreat! Awaiting finished product. :)

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  4. Post the New pictures.