Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Back

Well after being in the dumps for sometime, I think ill crawl back out and get to work role playing. The blues rock band is no more so I get the garage back so its going to return to a game room.
Just thinking about playing D&D has helped me, and my friends too.
So as of this Sunday all the rest of the music gear will be out and the return of swords, wizards, goblins and dragons will return.

It still really hurts and my heart is broken, it takes time to heal people tell me.
So time has passed and it still hurts, but I have had enough of the tears, its time to kill some goblins.
funny but just thinking about playing eases the pain, hope it continues to help.

In the next few weeks ill be posting new maps and drawings.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye for now

Ive been fighting for my marriage for the past few months, and i lost.
After 19yrs she has decided that she doesnt love me anymore, for the most part we just grew apart. Now I still want to work through it, but she doesnt. Its killing me something bad, i dont know what to do with out her.
Letting go of somebody you have loved for nearly 20yrs is very hard, and most nights i cry my self to sleep.  I miss her real bad, and dont know how to move on with out her.

Gaming has took the back seat and to a point where i dont want to play or even look at anything with RolePlaying games.
N ow I know it had nothing to do with games, but it is the one thing i have moved to the side.
Thanks to everybody who follows my blog.
Ill try to maby get back into gaming, but i dont know.