Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few good books

Here is a few of my D&D books - ill put up more pictures later.

The cover im working on, when time allows me to draw, play or whatever with the D&D world.
There is a lot of Retro games out now, so i just want to do my own for my own use in gaming. a few people are not liking the whole Retro thing, but to me its a cool thing, brings back the old days, but something new to look at best of both worlds, i say.
In my games i make the Magic-Users and Clerics roll for casting spells, they just dont get a free-bee. and I like having the Players keep track of there cn weight, and i try to cut back on the treasure (that one is hard to do).
My current group of players havent gamed as much latley, life gets in the way alot these days. but im working on a great big game to play with the group, ether one on one or together when there paths cross. The world i use is Mystara, or my own world when i finnish getting it up to speed to use.
Two of my oldest boys like to play alot, and the youngest sometimes plays. Then my oldest brother Garry joins in when he can. My friends Larry, Stan, Brian, and a few others join in at random times.

Friday, November 27, 2009

a Ruined Tower

Figured out how to add Images.
Here is a Ruined Tower i Drew-up. My idea was for a few Ghouls to be eating the dead wizard who was using the tower.

First Post

Well here i go, I'm not shure how to go about putting up pictures, myspelling is not the best, but it's time to give a go and see what happens.
I have been working on my own Retro-D&D game for a real long time, well lets say alot of years. With the OLG many retro companys have come out, so i just plan on just putting my game on here, and letting the players of RPGs have a wack at it.

Dungeons & Dragons is the best game around. I started Playing back in 1979 with my brothers, i think it helped with me reading and staying out of trouble.
We started making our own RPG type games before we knew of rpg and D&D. Cops and Robbers was the first. We where big fans of wrestling so we designed a Wrestling a game, there where a few more but i forget what they where. And when Dungeons & Dragons found us we gave up making our own and started Playing everyday we could.

When i get around to it and finnish writting up the game i'll make a PDF of it, and post it on here, and when i figure out the pictures i'll post some maps i have scanned in.