Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye for now

Ive been fighting for my marriage for the past few months, and i lost.
After 19yrs she has decided that she doesnt love me anymore, for the most part we just grew apart. Now I still want to work through it, but she doesnt. Its killing me something bad, i dont know what to do with out her.
Letting go of somebody you have loved for nearly 20yrs is very hard, and most nights i cry my self to sleep.  I miss her real bad, and dont know how to move on with out her.

Gaming has took the back seat and to a point where i dont want to play or even look at anything with RolePlaying games.
N ow I know it had nothing to do with games, but it is the one thing i have moved to the side.
Thanks to everybody who follows my blog.
Ill try to maby get back into gaming, but i dont know.