Saturday, July 17, 2010

This was my version of the steading of the hill giants chiefs, its set near the Keep on the Boarderlands. One of the best Modules from Gary Gygax.
I have killed meny a PC on the way to the Keep alone. The Giants where killing and raiding the travelers and the small local farms. The Keeps Castillian commissions the PC's to scout out the Giants.
No hand written papers have been found and i never typed it out on Microsoft Word.

Found a few new picturs of the old game room down in the basement.
Here is a dungeon i found. My younger brother and me drew up back in, I'll say around '84. This was the first big dungeon we drew up, but never got around to filling in. wrote up a few sketches but not much effort was put into this.
Level 1
Wet and dampness fills the air, torches smoke and smolder. The walls are wet to the touch and mold grows in spots at random, on the walls and floors.
Dungeon of Death

Wooded area with Goblins. Tower is old and sinking to the side. Doors are stuck shut and will require forcing, to open. Dead corpse of guard outside, still guarding ? The doors are thick Oak bound with steel, carved Image's of two female winged demon's with crossing swords in the middle, traped.