Thursday, August 12, 2010

A lost Dungeon sketch

The Lost Dungeon


  1. Neat stuff! Now I wanna hear the story behind these illustrations.

  2. Hi Chris,
    All this is a rough draff for a dungeon, when i get around to mapping it out on graph paper. I write notes on the sides for ideas to add when i type it out. I have a lot of this stuff lying around never mapped out, and alot half mapped out 1/2 way, time is a pain , it never lets you finnish what you started. A bad thing is i have tossed out alot of maps, becouse it all looked bad at the time, along with a lot of art i did to go along with the maps. Been looking for my Monsters i drew, goblins , bugbears, orc's and many others.
    Oh well, i can allways draw up new stuff, when time allows.

  3. You know i think i'll put the time in and write this one up & redraw the maps.

  4. I look foward to it. I have a few projects which will go public soon too.