Friday, November 27, 2009

First Post

Well here i go, I'm not shure how to go about putting up pictures, myspelling is not the best, but it's time to give a go and see what happens.
I have been working on my own Retro-D&D game for a real long time, well lets say alot of years. With the OLG many retro companys have come out, so i just plan on just putting my game on here, and letting the players of RPGs have a wack at it.

Dungeons & Dragons is the best game around. I started Playing back in 1979 with my brothers, i think it helped with me reading and staying out of trouble.
We started making our own RPG type games before we knew of rpg and D&D. Cops and Robbers was the first. We where big fans of wrestling so we designed a Wrestling a game, there where a few more but i forget what they where. And when Dungeons & Dragons found us we gave up making our own and started Playing everyday we could.

When i get around to it and finnish writting up the game i'll make a PDF of it, and post it on here, and when i figure out the pictures i'll post some maps i have scanned in.


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